LetterEvolution is a platform for personal growth and creative self expression.

LetterEvolution is the thought that everyone has a story to tell, we all just share it differently. 

Angela Ruiz Letter Evolution Meditation Psychedelic Therapy Consultation

LetterEvolution offers Meditation sessions, given by founder Angela Ruiz, as well as consultations to individuals or groups looking to do psychedelic therapy.

LetterEvolution is a supporter of alternative therapies for mental health, and encourages the research of meditation, ayahuasca and other psychedelics as a tool for PTSD, drug addictions, depression and many other psychosomatic conditions.

LetterEvolutions blog is a platform that discusses Meditation, mental health, alternative therapies, and peoples life experiences. We encourage you to send in your story, or reach out if you'd like to do an audio interview of a story you have to share. 

Stillness, the ruler of movement.



LetterEvolution offers consultations for individuals looking to do Ayahuasca with a trained administrator. Focusing on proper preparation, you will be guided through a proper diet, proper checklist for you to speak with your physician and mindful intention setting. Post ayahuasca guidance will also be given in order to properly integrate the learnings from your session into daily life. 



LetterEvolution offers Meditation sessions, given by founder Angela Ruiz. Focusing on a secular approach, Angela guides you through breathing exercises and mental trainings focused on deactivating your sympathetic nervous system (the system in charge of activating your fight or flight response), and activating your parasympathetic nervous system (the system in charge of activating your body's relaxation response).  Spiritual meditations are given upon request. Location varies and is given upon request. 



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Located in the heart of Amsterdam, LetterEvolution is here to help guide you through your meditative, restorative, and self-fulfilling journey.